The Best available Colors for Google Pixel 7 depending on your Personality

Today Google deliciously, teased the Available colors of its upcoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Google leaked origial mobile colours of the Pixel 7 have been made public Yes, there are genuine boxes of edible chips, and I am immediately hankering after some. This Update from Google Japan tweeted on Twitter.

 Google Pixel 7 colors

Its very powerful as Pixel7 mobile power packed with Google in house chip. Google’s own processor, which will make its debut in the upcoming Pixel 7 series in October.

What colors available for Pixel 7?

If you are looking to buy Best color to select Pixel7 ? You can probably those boxes of chips reflect the actual colour possibilities for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones when they go on sale on October 6. Snow (white), Hazel (grey), Lemongrass (yellow-green), and Obsidian (black) will be among the colours offered. However, take note that Lemongrass won’t be an option for the Pro.

Pixel 7 2002 version

I believe the Google Pixel 7 will be a significant launch for Android this year, injecting much-needed excitement into Google’s system, especially in light of Apple’s iPhone 14 launch (particularly the iPhone 14 Pro Max and its new ‘Dynamic Island’ feature).

That will undoubtedly be aided by the Tensor G2 chip, but I’m more interested in how that will translate to features available on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. Will its computational photography take another step forward to deliver the most capable shooter in the Android stable? I certainly hope so.


Google has launched an unusual and tasty promotional campaign for the upcoming Pixel 7 lineup in Japan.

The Pixel 7’s colours are teased as potato chip flavours in the promo: Snow Cheese is the white (Snow), Hazel Onion is the dark sage-slash-olive (Hazel), Salty Lemon is the yellow (Lemongrass), and Obsidian Pepper is the black (Obsidian).

Enter the GoogleChips challenge by Friday, September 23, for a chance to win one of 2,000 boxes of these actual chips.

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