The Magical Wire Game For Android

The magical wire

Magical wire is an amazing one touch game and based on physical tap game. Where you can guide the game by tapping on the screen. Avoid the magical wire to touch different moving obstacles. The geometrical shape of obstacles are unique so its challenge for you to guide the magical wire without touching the obstacles.
Cross different obstacles and make new records. Make new records and become the master of this game. Survival in this game is not an easy task. Survive as far as it is possible and make new records. Avoid to hit the black objects because they are your enemy.
Features(Magical Wire):

  • One tap game.
  • Real time game sound.
  • Can be play offline.
  • Works on all android devices.
  • Addictive game.
  • Stunning graphics.

Download and enjoy The Magical Wire.

The magical wireThe magical wireThe magical wireThe magical wireThe magical wire

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