Super Charger Saver For Android

super battery saver for android

Super charger saver is one of the professional power saving app available for smart phones. Most the time phone battery is drained due to the waste apps available in ram. Super charger saver contains multiple features to enhance battery performance. Super charger app delete all the waste files from the memory. Super charger app also contain the feature to control the access of that apps which are consuming the battery.

With battery saver the performance of the phone is also enhance so super saver is one of the necessary app available for all cell phones. With super power app kill all the apps that are consuming the battery. Super battery saver tell the accurate battery remaining time.

Features (Super charger saver):

  • One tap optimization function.
  • Also control the temperature of phone.
  • Battery saver mode.
  • Battery monitoring.
  • Smart charging.
  • Smart modes for battery saving.
  • Smart and cool UI.
  • Kill apps during sleep mode.
  • Customization mode.
  • Brightness protection control.
  • Low battery notification.
  • Device monitor.
Download and enjoy Super Charger Saver.
Super Charger Saver for androidSuper Charger Saver for androidSuper Charger Saver for androidSuper Charger Saver for android
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