App review request “Speedo Minder v2.0 Free”

Sir or Madam,

We would like to ask you to review our app “Speedo Minder v2.0 Free”.

Speedo Minder is a dedicated ‘over-speed’ minding app. It is perfect to keep alerted to your speed while keeping eyes on the road.

Speedo Minder uses Open Street Maps API for online speed limit data, to give users their local speed limit.

The app delivers audio and visual alerts, and, Bluetooth Low Energy alert signal output to our partner product: The Haptic ‘Buzzer’ Alert Device. Watch out for our BLE Haptic device product release update info on our website:

Our BLE Device Launch will on Kickstarter™ early/mid 2017!
Placed on your gas pedal, dash or console, you’ll get a half second buzz when you’re over the limit.

A brilliant design, incorporating features derived from intuitive driver behavior plus:
+ GPS Speed readout,
+ toggle ‘over-speed’ limit,
+ some smart programming logic,
+ Open Street Maps Speed Limit API,
+ OSM manual over-ride.

Premium features:-
– Runs in the Background.
– Prevent Phone from Sleeping.
– Audio/Visual/Vibration (phone) Alert.
– BLE Haptic Alert option (with Buzzer Device)
– Upgrade to Paid version with ‘No Adverts’

We welcome a review of our app on your site and appreciate any publicity we can get. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

iTunes link:

Info page:

Kind regards,
Stephen Grealy

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