App review request “PaperSpan: Save Articles to Read or Listen Offline”

To Whom It May Concern at ,
We would like to ask you to review our app “PaperSpan: Save Articles to Read or Listen Offline”.

The app allows users to save webpages to read later.

Although it’s similar to Pocket/Instapaper, it differs by keeping user articles personal and encourage to finish reading the personal list instead of recommending more.
Feature wise, PaperSpan iOS app provides user’s reading statistics to help track reading habits and hence encourage to read more. Here the screenshot showing these details for my account.
And PaperSpan has features that are missing in Pocket e.g., Highlighting, Notes, Send to Kindle, and Playlist of articles. Reading statistics is the feature that none of the apps currently have.

Core features:

– COMFORT READING OFFLINE: save from your PC, Phone, or Tablet. Read from any of them in a clean and easy to read format offline;

– HIGHLIGHT important phrases as you read;


– SEARCH & COMFORT: search & sort to quickly find an article. Organize with folders. Adjust your reading settings with dark/light theme, fonts, brightness, and more.

– NOTES: capture the gist out of an article you just read – your summary of lessons learnt, thoughts you got out of an article. Share to your favorite notes apps for future use.


– LISTEN to your articles while you walk, cook, or commute.

Premium features:

– Ad-free reading experience.

We welcome a review of our app on your site and appreciate any publicity we can get.

In case you need, here the link to press kit containing Screenshots and App Icon:

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

iTunes link:

Info page:

Kind regards,
Sravan Kumar

DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY:App review request “PaperSpan: Save Articles to Read or Listen Offline”


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